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CASE STUDY Harmony Cellars

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Harmony Cellars - California Winery

Having lost their business data during an earthquake, the Winery needed a way to protect their data the next time disaster strikes. They wanted an onsite device for fast data transfer and retrieval.
They installed an ioSafe S1, a USB external hard drive data storage product that is fireproof, waterproof and can withstand a building collapse.

Beautiful California offers a fantastic climate and a healthy earth for winemaking. As a counterpoint to this fortune, the local citizens must endure the periodic, sudden shifting of the ground beneath their feet. Harmony Cellars winery in the central coast was reminded of this on December 23, 2003, when a 6.5 magnitude earthquake caused damage to their data backup system, making data retrieval impossible.

Management decided it was time to purchase a backup system resistant to sudden catastrophe. They also wanted an onsite unit for fast data transfer and easy retrieval. The Winery’s IT manager Todd Clift ultimately chose the ioSafe S1 disaster proof data storage product. The key factor was the device’s built in protection against both man made disasters and natural ones such as fire and flooding as well as building collapse.

Todd explained that the ioSafe disaster proof design coupled with the device’s ease of use and reliability make the ioSafe product a real asset to Harmony Cellars California winery.

“It gives us greater piece of mind knowing our critical business data is well protected even when disaster strikes,”
– said Todd Clift, IT manager at Harmony Cellars.

In the past, the winery would back up their data on CDs and DVDs at irregular and infrequent intervals. This painstaking practice has been replaced by a fifteen minute weekly data backup. “The ioSafe system has cut the hassle out of data backup and reduced the risk of human errors,” commented Todd. “And since it’s so convenient to operate, we actually do backup our business data on a regular basis, which is a huge improvement.”

Harmony Cellars is using Microsoft software to run the ioSafe disaster proof data storage system. (No expensive or complicated software is required.) The ioSafe S1 device is hardwired to one main computer while others, including laptops, are connected wirelessly serving as cash registers for the Winery. With 750 GB of storage capacity, the device has more than adequate space for the Winery’s data backup needs.

· Hassle free data backup in just 15 minutes
· Reduced risk of human errors in operating backup
· Regular weekly backup instead of infrequent and irregular backup
· Greater peace of mind to focus on growing business


“The ioSafe system has cut the hassle out of data backup
and reduced the risk of human errors. And since it’s so convenient to operate, we actually do backup our business data on a regular basis.”


“Thanks to ioSafe, we have a fast and hassle-free way to strengthen our business
survivability,” said Todd. “We’re very satisfied with the ioSafe system and have recommended
it to others. It has allowed us to focus more on making delicious wines and growing our
business. Cheers to that!”

Napa Valley California Winery

About Harmony Cellars
Harmony Cellars is a small family owned winery committed to producing fine wines at affordable prices.
Founded in 1989 by Chuck and Kim Mulligan, the winery has grown from a 2,000 case micro winery to a
6,000 case boutique production facility. Visit them at for more information.

At A Glance:

Harmony Cellars
3255 Harmony Valley Road
Harmony, CA 93435 -


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About ioSafe
ioSafe designs, engineers, and manufactures data backup appliances to protect digital assets. Using its patent pending technologies, ioSafe offers a new breed of data storage that is like an aircraft black box, but for your personal and business data.



Data backup strategies are like insurance policies, do you have enough coverage?

  • Fire Safe to 1700°F
  • Waterproof to 30 ft.
  • 3 or 5 yr. Warranty
  • $5K per disk data recovery service



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Get a Self-Service Price Quote Now 

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