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HDD Fire Safes

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flood protection, fire hose, water sprinklers

Water protection for the ioSafe Disaster Disaster Proof Hardware devices consists of a proprietary waterproofing compound that completely encapsulates the hard disk drive in a waterproof environment to protect data from water damage.

Waterproof USB fire resistant safe
  • Flood Protection - Full immersion of the ioSafe Solo, S2 or ioSafe R4
  • Waterproof from 10-30 feet of Saltwater or Fresh Water for 30 Days
  • Hard drive data is protected from fire sprinklers, direct fire hose spray and flood submersion before, during and after fire


waterproof usb fire safe

External Hard Drive Waterproof

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ioSafe data storage hardware is engineered to always be waterproof, designed to prevent water from entering the drive area. During a fire situation, the entire inner cavity seals during closure of the FloSafe Vents to protect from extreme temperatures. ioSafe disaster proof hardware can be hit directly with a high-powered fire hose before or after a fire and still protect your data in a waterproof environment.

To complete the water / flood protection, the hard disk drives are incased in a water protected barrier shield capable of direct immersion in water during a disaster. Both the fire resistant USB hard drive and NAS storage server systems that are installed in basements, low lying areas, flood zones, etc. have this extra level of protection. If you believe that your computer data might ever, during its life, be exposed to this situation, choose ioSafe!

To help maximize your chances of surviving flood, purchase two ioSafe units and backup remotely to an off site location. Think about your data backup strategy and disaster plan now, before your caught standing on your roof, water everywhere, wondering if your data or business will survive.
  ioSafe R4   ioSafe S2 

Fire resistant NAS Server, a Data Storage Hardware device

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  RAID 0,1,5 Network attached storage server USB FireSafe