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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • The ioSafe Solo G3

    Posted on January 30, 2012 by admin

    ioSafe knocks it Out of the Park Again with the Solo G3

    Here at, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the safest, most affordable hard drives and data backup equipment for computers available. Our devotion to that policy means we do more than simply stock ioSafe hard drives , we help you meet your goals for preserving and protecting your most valuable data.

    A California based company; ioSafe is the leading manufacturer of disaster proof hard drives. Their systems are optimized to protect against such threats as fire and water damage and the company is on a mission to help you backup your data wherever it may sit vulnerable.. They have built increasingly secure and cutting edge designs and we are proud to represent ioSafe as a leading distributor and dealership with products such as the; ioSafe Solo, ioSafe SSD Titanium, the ioSafe SoloPRO and many more.

    ioSafe has a new product and we’re excited to show it to you; the ioSafe Solo G3 Hard Drive.

    Fireproof & Waterproof Hard Drive for your home or office.

    ioSafe has taken their best features and put them in the G3. Storage space, weather protection, data backup, a great warranty and wrapped it up in a new fanless design for nearly silent operation. This design makes the G3 hard drive ideal for home offices, in your home entertainment setup or in the professional recording studio; let’s take a look at the features and technical specs.

    The G3 can protect its data from temperatures of up to 1550 Fahrenheit for up to thirty minutes with its DataCast endothermic fire insulation technology. The DataCast creates a chemical bond with water molecules that, when temperatures go above 160 degrees, will release water vapor that will limit the internal temperature of the G3 to protect data in extreme fire disasters. The fire rating meets the stringent ASTM E119 standard. The flipside to fire is water and ioSafe has your data protected from any spill (think coffee, soda or beer) as well as fire hoses and natural disasters such as flood. The HydroSafe water barrier technology allows the G3 to protect your data even if it’s been dunked in up to 10ft of water (fresh or salt) for up to 72 hours. While HydroSafe is keeping your data dry, it’s also helping to dissipate heat during the unit’s normal operations. Which brings us to the G3’s fan-less and near silent cooling system; ioSafe’s FloSafe airflow cooling technology is designed to be quiet and not to overwhelm an office environment with background noise.

    The disaster proof protection isn’t all based around weather situations. The G3 comes with a Kensington lock slot. This anti-theft tab will allow you to easily secure the unit to any surface found in the home or the office. Not only will the tab protect the unit in case of a break-in, it will also secure the G3 and keep it immobile in case of an earthquake or other such disaster. It is also compatible with all Kensington locks. This solid theft-prevention works well with the great warranty; if the G3 stops working for any reason during the warranty period, it will be replaced or repaired.

    One of the reasons that ioSafe is so popular is the  Data Recovery Service.

    The DRS provides you with a safety net in case of virtually any disaster. Here is what you get with G3 plan:

    1.  One time use, no questions asked, data recovery service

    2. Up to $1000 of forensic data recovery

    3. Mail-in repair coverage with free global shipping

    4. Only one point of contact – you get direct access to ioSafe experts

    5. Replacement hardware that is pre-loaded with recovered data

    The G3 comes with a three-year limited warranty which includes one free year of DRS. Both the data recovery service and warranty can be expanded up to five years.

    The G3 unit has multi-platform compatibility with both PCs and Macs. It has a single disk with up to 2TB storage capacity. It has USB 3.0 which is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and has a data transfer rate of 5Gbit/s. The power consumption is <25W and the voltage is at 80~264 VAC at 50/60 HZ. The unit only weighs 15 lbs. so it’s very easy to change locations and its dimensions are 5”W, 7.1”H and 11”L, compact and easy to store above, below or in a workstation.

    The G3 is perfect for any number of assignments or environments. You can use it for storing media, PC and laptop backup and supplement online backup. Setting it up in the workplace will allow you to protect your customer’s data and improve the efficiency of your office. Using the G3 at home provides the ultimate protection for your personal files, family memories and your media library.

    Our team will continue to help you in choosing the best products for your needs. Remember, don’t just think of storage capacity when you buy  a hard drive, think of protection and safety!


    Disclosure: Yes, we sell these hard drives. Yes, we use them every day in our office and at home. We've trusted our data on ioSafe hard drives since 2005 and recommend them to all of our clients, family and friends for that very reason.

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