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ioSafe + Mac

  • Pro Tools Software and ioSafe External Hard Drives

    Posted on March 22, 2012 by admin

    Putting the Right Tools Together:

    Pro Tools and External Hard Drives

    Doing a job right requires the right tools. That has always been true and hasn’t changed in the age of computers. In fact, computers have opened up a whole new arsenal of tools for different professions; including many in the music industry. One of their most widely used pieces of equipment is the Pro Tools audio software. Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation platform that can be operated on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It is used in the music and professional recording industry for recording and editing, music production, film scoring and film/TV post-production.

    Pro Tools pre-computer ancestor is the multi-track tape recorder and mixer. It performs the same functions with added abilities that can only be done digitally. Pro Tools features time code, temp maps, automation and surround sound capabilities. It supports samples of 32-bit float audio up to rates of 192 KHz and works with many different types of audio files; WAV, AIFF, SDII and mp3s. Such artists as Ricky Martin, GZA, the Beach Boys and Garbage have used Pro Tools to produce their albums and the software has been used for creating the audio in such popular video games like Guitar Hero.

    One of the best ways to use Pro Tools software is to combine it with an external hard drive. External drives are the best storage to choose when you want to avoid a slowdown in operation or errors; the trick is to not try to do everything on one drive. Using Pro Tools is a process; you’ll be laying down tracks, tweaking them and doing several different processes at the same time. If you use the software on one hard drive and you’re trying to operate the software and it’s plugins off your system drive while reading and writing audio to the same drive; this causes many computer systems to move slower. The best solution is to use an external hard drive as your scratch disk that has either USB 2.0, firewire or faster connectivity. You would then use your external hard drive as your audio drive. You’ll still install the Pro Tools software on your internal drive but when you start a new session and create new tracks; you’ll save them to your external drive. One for recording and one for backup; it’s the best solution. At we have a great disk drive that will allow you to obtain this working balance.

    ioSafe SOLO G3

    The Silent Fireproof / Waterproof Hard Drive

    ioSafe has a proud history of producing tough and reliable external hard drives; the Solo G3 is the latest entry in that tradition. There many reasons to purchase the G3 but the first one we would like to showcase is the reason why it’s such a great companion to the Pro Tools software. That reason is the new fanless FloSafe Vent Design; it provides nearly silent operation. The latest FloSafe airflow cooling technology is perfect for an audio recording studio (be it professional or in your garage) where background noise can affect the audio files you’re creating and the music you are writing. That's right, all the fireproof and waterproof features you have come to rely upon, now with near silent operation.

    The Pro Tools software requires at least USB 2.0 and the G3 provides the blazing fast USB 3.0 with a data transfer speed of up to 5Gbit/s. This feature makes formatting and using Pro Tools a smooth ride. We typically use Genie Timeline Pro software for continuous data backup and if encryption of those precious tracks is a must we recommend TrueCrypt encryption. When you backup your audio tracks and songs to the G3, you can rest assured that ioSafe has you covered with serious data protection. Every G3 comes with DRS ( Data Recovery Service ) to provide the ultimate safety net; if your hard drives fails for any reason, or goes through a fire, flood or coffee spill; ioSafe will get your data back by spending up to $2,500 on forensic data recovery. The fast connectivity combined with up to 3TB of storage capacity and DRS (data recovery service) makes the Solo G3 an obvious choice for every recording studio.

    The SOLO G3 offers you the best in protection and allows you to use software like Pro Tools with maximum efficiency. That’s one of our primary goals here at; not just providing you with the best external hard drives available, but also to let you know about the best ways to use the hardware that keeps your professional recording studio running smooth.

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  • ioSafe’s Rugged Portable: The Ultimate Accessory for Your Mac

    Posted on October 17, 2011 by admin

    Mac users looking for a new external hard drive have considerably less choice when compared to their PC counterparts. Even if they do find one that is preformatted for Apple’s computers, the chances are high that it lacks the elegance required to compete for desk space with your svelte looking Mac.

    A must have Mac accessory, the matching ioSafe portable hard drive.

    Apple doesn’t make an external hard drive, but if they did, it would almost certainly look a lot like the FireWire 800 Rugged Portable mac hard drive from ioSafe. One look at its smooth, brushed aluminum case and sleek contemporary styling, and you will soon see why Mac fans are lining up around the block to get their hands on this innovative new storage device.

    With the ioSafe Rugged Portable handling all your backup needs, you will no longer need to hide your external drive from discerning friends and colleagues. Instead, you can proudly display it alongside your Mac, safe in the knowledge that it will always complement the modern design of your Apple computer.

    However, the Rugged Portable is more than just a good looking hard drive. It was engineered to withstand some of the most extreme situations in order to keep your data safe and secure. How tough is it? Gadget testers from around the world have put its durability to the test by submerging it in water, encasing it in blocks of ice, shooting it with shotguns, and crushing it in a vise. After each and every test, the ioSafe Rugged Portable survived, and could still be used to retrieve the data on the hard drive.

    Protection like this is virtually unheard of with any other manufacturer. There is simply no better choice than this if you are concerned about the possible loss of important company data, especially when you consider the one-year, no questions asked, ioSafe data recovery service that is included with this device.

    The FireWire 800 Rugged Portable is the most affordable insurance policy that you can buy for your data. It comes preformatted for Macs, and integrates seamlessly with Apple’s Time Machine backup utility. It has a Kensington lock slot for theft protection and is made from billet-machined aluminum. In short, it’s a complete package that is built without compromise – just like your Mac.

    So, if you are in the market for a portable external hard drive that is durable, functional, and stylish, you need look no further than the FireWire Rugged Portable from ioSafe. Mac aficionados everywhere are already lauding it as the number one accessory for all their data needs, so call us today to place your order.

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  • How to copy music to an external hard drive |Backup Your Tunes

    Posted on September 14, 2011 by admin

    Chances are you have an iPod or an iPhone and the related programs on your computer and that means you have e-books, movies, video files and of course, music. We’re not talking about a few songs or albums; we’re talking about an audio library; one that has been divided by genre and set-up in playlists for every occasion and mood. You’ve invested time and money in this collection and so it should be protected from the various computer-related failures/crashes/mistakes that can strike from time to time. Now you have to ask the question, “How can I protect my tunes? I’m going to the gym, walking the dog, reviewing my paperwork, I need my tunes!”

    One of the best options available to consumers is the hard drives from ioSafe. This company produces many rugged pieces of equipment that are perfect for copying and protecting data such as your music collection. One such product is the ioSafe 500GB Portable Hard Drive; this drive can fit in your backpack or briefcase and is built to MIL Spec standards. It’s water-proof, crush-proof, shock-proof, and chemical-proof and has full Extreme Environment protection. Combine that with data encryption, theft protection and a no-hassle warranty and you’ve got a great backup for your laptop or desktop.

    If you’re looking for something larger for your office or home then check out this ioSafe drive; the 1TB SoloPRO USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive. Styled in a sleek black box, this product has the fastest interface available on the market today. It is Linux, Mac, Microsoft Sever and PC compatible and has data transfer rates of up to 3GB/s and it can connect to a NAS. It is water and fire proof and has Active Airflow Cooling so it operates at the optimum temperature and with the built-in security slot; it can secured to any surface.

    This ioSafe product combines a lot of great options. The 1TB ioSafe Solo, this hard drive is a fantastic way to protect a separate copy of your music and videos.  Its water-proof, you could soak in 10 ft of water for three days and still recover your data; along with its fire protection, you don’t have to worry about the weather. The drive has SUB 2.0 connectivity and with its In-Home Media Vault, you never have to worry about losing your music library or photo albums.

    All of these ioSafe products come with the Data Recovery Service which offers you unmatched protection. No matter what happens to your hard drive, DRS will recover your data files and it comes with one to five year warranty plans. This service is an essential part of your ioSafe package.
    If you’re a Mac user, you have another great opinion open to you. It is called Time Machine for the Mac OS. This utility backup creates incremental backups of files that can be restored at a later date. Time Machine keeps an up to date copy of all your files, music included and it’s compatible with the ioSafe external hard drives.

    The process of moving your iTunes is a very simple and straightforward procedure.

    First thing you need to know is that iTunes stores all your music in an iTunes folder (Mac users can find them in their Music folder) and XP users will find it in their My Music folder within their My Documents and Windows 7/Vista user will find their iTunes in their Music folder in their libraries.

    If you can’t find your iTunes folder, you can locate it by going to the Preferences menu in iTunes and clicking the Advanced Tab. At the top of this window will be a dialog box called iTunes Media Folder Location and you’ll be able to see where your music is located.

    Once you find your folder, click on the folder and drag it over to your external hard drive icon. The folder itself doesn’t move but a copy is made and stored. It is just that easy, find the folder, click on it and drag it over to your external hard drive.

    Never depend on one hard drive to hold your audio/visual libraries and save yourself the trouble of buying and looking for the same music you’ve already acquired. Your favorite playlist will sound all the sweeter when you know your music is secure.

    Written by Joseph Fowler

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  • How to get all the benefits of NAS + RAID + ioSafe

    Posted on June 14, 2011 by admin

    It's true.... many moons ago ioSafe manufactured a NAS storage device called the ioSafe R4. This network attached storage server could house up to 4TB of storage and provided the end user with all of the bells & whistles you would expect from a NAS including RAID, hot swap hard drives, remote administration and even a built-in backup manager. Alas, ioSafe no longer makes the ioSafe R4 but there are still many ways in which you can reap the benefits of a NAS and still get the fireproof & waterproof protection that ioSafe is famous for.

    NAS meet ioSafe. ioSafe meet NAS.

    At our office we recognized many years ago how important RAID is to our own data

    The ioSafe R4 was a 4TB NAS that was fireproof & waterproof. This product is no longer available.

    backup strategy. We value redundancy and multiple backup copies of client information, databases as well as Exchange and .PST files. We also recognized that the missing link was disaster protection. What if the hard drives crashed or a fire ripped through our building. The simple solution was to connect the ioSafe hard drive directly to the NAS. It may sound elementary ( and it very well is) that for $500-$1,000 small businesses could now afford a solid data backup plan that may very well keep them in business should disaster strike.


    Our Setup

    In our office we have an Exchange server, ReadyNAS 1100, ioSafe Solo and the first generation ioSafe S1 (the ioSafe S1 is no longer manufactured).

    We run a mixed environment with a combination of PC and Mac. [Our graphic designer prefers the Mac platform for all of the wonderful imagery you see on our website today - thank you Mr. Maximumedia :) ]  The ReadyNAS 1100 acts as our office file server with seven (7) workstations connecting to it on a daily basis. The ioSafe Solo is directly connected to the ReadyNAS and we utilize the built-in backup manager to backup our RAID 1 hard drives to the ioSafe. This set-up gives us TRIPLE REDUNDANCY, fire protection, water protection as well as the best in class ioSafe Data Recovery Service (DRS) with up to $5,000 of forensic recovery should our ioSafe hard drive break for any reason, no questions asked.


    As the cost of storage has dropped tremendously in the last few years you can now get an ioSafe + NAS for as little as $500.00. A quick Google search reveals that the ReadyNAS Duo can be found for under $160.00, add in 2 x 1TB hard drives for $55 each and an ioSafe Solo starts out around $150.00.

    Total Cost of NAS + ioSafe TODAY: $420.00

    Shown above is the ioSafe S1, 1st Generation fireproof hard drive from ioSafe. This product has been replaced with the ioSafe Solo and ioSafe SoloPRO.

    Several years ago when we first implemented our setup the price was much higher with the ReadyNAS 1100 priced at $2,300 and came with 4 x 500GB hard drives. Toss in the ioSafe S1 at $3,000.00 and you were digging deep into your pockets.


    Total Cost of NAS + ioSafe 5 YEARS AGO: $5,300.00

    That's an 80% drop in cost over five years! 

    Comparing the PROS & CONS

    At first glance combining the benefits of NAS storage and an ioSafe hard drive may seem confusing (especially to small business owners that are not IT or tech junkies at heart). However when you start to break down the benefits and compare apples to apples there is a tremendous value to the SMB to implement this or a similar data backup plan.


    RAID. RAID. RAID. Yes, the value of redundancy cannot be emphasized enough and multiple backup copies are always better than one.

    Standby Hot Spare - with a 4 disk RAID set up you can run two (2) hard drives in a RAID 1 (mirrored backup copies) and have an extra hard drive on standby in case one of the drives in the RAID crashes. The standby drive will automatically kick in and begin making a backup

    Remote Access - With the NAS in your backup loop you have access to your business data without sending it to the cloud where it may be subject to more risk than it might be worth. We'll leave that up to you to decide.

    Disaster Protection - fire, flood, accidental deletion, you name it and the ioSafe DRS has you covered with no questions asked. It's remarkable that ioSafe is the only hard drive manufacturer that offers this service with their product.


    More Equipment - yes, with this setup you must now purchase two (2) pieces of equipment. For many small businesses or mom & pop shops extra equipment is often a no, no.

    Price Points - While many of our readers with say that the ioSafe + NAS set up is a cheap way to get data protection they are presuming that every business has the same cash flow as they do. The reality of the small business world is that budgets are tight and most of the time non-existent until year 3,4 and even year five.

    To sum things up if I could help all of our small business clients implement the ioSafe + NAS system I would. This setup works very well for the majority of our clients and without a doubt a mixture of brands still achieves the same goal. Whether it's a Seagate BlackArmor NAS, NetGear ReadyNAS, Western Digital NAS or an HP MediaSmart server the point is that combining ioSafe hard drives with network attached storage is a very wise choice for the small businesses around the world.



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