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  • Growth for Video Surveillance Storage | External Hard Drives

    Posted on May 21, 2012 by admin

    The Surveillance Market Keeps Growing | And So Do the Storage Options

    A security situation is always multifaceted; it’s not just about strong doors, strong walls or tough vaults. A modern strategy for securing the safety of your clients/customers, your business and yourself includes revising and updating the concepts of data storage and video surveillance. Installing a surveillance system is often a good idea; for secure areas, open lobbies, loading docks, hallways, there are many places to put in surveillance equipment; and you don’t throw away what that surveillance equipment records. You need to consider your storage options when building your system.

    The video surveillance market has been growing steadily for years and as the market grew; so did the technology used and the options offered. Video data storage systems are a big part of that new growth. New equipment like digital/high resolution cameras and IP cameras and the general shift from internal to external storage are important parts of the new trends

    How are we aware of these market changes? Security companies get a lot of insider knowledge through IMS Research; a leading supplier of market research and consultancy who serve the global electronics industry. They offer syndicated market studies, client research and consulting services on everything from wireless communications to security concerns. Their main mission is to help their clients better understand markets and shape their business strategies. IMS has a proven track record and clients in over 50 countries with offices spread across Asia, Europe and North America. IMS publishes over 350 report titles a year and 18 of the 20 largest technology companies are among their 2,500 global clients.

    One of the articles IMS has published for this year is their Top Ten Predictions for 2012 in the video surveillance industry. Their teams of market analysts have expanded their VS research into every corner of the market; including, network camera trackers, video analytics and PSIM (Physical Security Information Management). The predictions have been released as a guide for their clients on some key trends and opportunities.

    The Predictions:

    1. Refocusing on Image Quality in 2012

    2. Focus on Shift from the BRICs to the CIVETS?

    3. HD over Coax-What Will Happen in 2012?

    4. Increased Processor Power to Push Analytics to the Edge

    5. M&A in 2012: Video Companies under Surveillance

    6. Looking Up-Where is Next for Cloud Base Video Surveillance?

    7. The Turning Point for Spinning Disk?

    8. Its VMS, but not as we know it

    9. Beyond H.264

    10. Video Surveillance to Augment the Internet of Things in China

    This article tells customers many things; like how HD and megapixel security cameras are dominating sales, IMS predicts that by 2015, 70% of all network camera shipments will be items of megapixel resolution. It also predicts the growth of new markets in Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as the change in storage costs and needs.

    Storage is an area that IMS has researched extensively and they have a strong report for the future of external storage. The article shows that external storage platforms for video surveillance have an annual growth rate of 52% for storage capacity shipped from 2010 to 2016. Internal storage units are only expected to a 36% growth rate in the same period. It is predicted that external units will displace internal storage devices as the dominant platform by 2014, shown best in the graph accompanying the article.

    The reasons IMS states for this switchover are varied. First and foremost is the continued transition from analog to network security cameras and the use of higher resolution cameras. These types of systems generate more data per camera and require a dedicated storage unit. External platforms offer many advantages; they process and store greater quantities of data in comparison to DVRs, NVRs and other internal storage units. They’re able to because of their greater scalability and this means that a larger number of Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) can be installed in each external device which leads to greater storage capacity.

    K.L. Security and understand this trend because we’re at the forefront of it. We offer high-tech, safe and secure external ioSafe hard drives to our customers and the IMS market research proves we we’ve been telling our customers for years; external is the way to go.

    We have several products that are perfect for video surveillance systems. Our Fireproof Video Surveillance Hard Drives are a great fit to any security system.

    We refer to the ioSafe SoloPRO as “simplicity supercharged”. It is designed to meet the needs of security integrators and installers with storage needs for high-resolution cameras, IP cameras and it can be integrated with Storage Area Networks (SANS). It is fireproof with data loss protection of up to 1550 F for ½ hour as per ASTM E119 and flip the coin, its waterproof too. The unit can be dunked in up to ten feet of water for 72 hours without data loss. It is compatible with Windows Server, Linux and Mac/PCs and comes with a Data Recovery Service that includes forensic recovery and advanced replacement.  The SoloPRO also works with eSATA/USB 2.0 connectivity with transfer rates up to 3GB/s.

    The surveillance market is indeed changing. Your company needs to switch to external storage with your digital/high-resolution backup images and video and continually protect the growing amount of data that new surveillance cameras will generate. We can help you with that task by providing you with the best external hard drives on the market. The situation is changing, don’t get left behind!

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  • HIPAA Compliance and the ioSafe SoloPRO Hard Drive

    Posted on October 31, 2011 by admin

    Backup & Protect PHI and HIPAA Compliant data with ioSafe hard drives.

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPAA), heralded the arrival of much stricter standards for the electronic storage, or transmission, of protected health information, (PHI). It forced medical practices to take a hard look at their policies, procedures, and electronic infrastructure, but it also left many wondering exactly how they were going to ensure their businesses were compliant with these new regulations.

    Technology can be unpredictable. For instance, have you ever had a virus on your computer? These nasty pieces of malicious software can quickly cause a lot of damage and may end up damaging or deleting your important PHI records. So, it is essential that you back up your information to a reliable external device like the ioSafe SoloPRO. This way you can be sure that your files are backed up to a dependable source and you will always have a copy when you need them.

    However, the SoloPRO is not just secure, it’s tough too. ioSafe’s technicians have engineered this revolutionary hard drive to withstand some of the harshest conditions you can imagine. This fireproof and waterproof device will protect your data from being submerged in water for up to 72 hours, and will shield it from temperatures up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of physical security is unmatched by anyone else in the industry, and is yet another way that your medical practice can use the ioSafe SoloPRO to meet HIPAA regulations.

    The SoloPro also supports many forms of encryption software. Once encrypted, you can be sure that anyone who tries to steal your data will be sorely disappointed. This protects your PHI records and severely limits who has access to them. The SoloPRO even comes with a Kensington lock slot so that you can securely tether your hard drive and deter opportunistic thieves.

    Its usefulness does not end here, because every ioSafe SoloPRO external hard drive comes complete with a data recovery service that covers you for up to $2,500 of forensic data recovery. This “no questions asked” service covers all eventualities, regardless of how you managed to lose the data on the drive. If needed, ioSafe will recover any and all data they can, and will even ship it back to you on a replacement device just like the one you purchased.

    So, if you’re looking for an affordable, all-in-one solution for HIPAA compliance, there are few better choices. Today, electronic data can be compromised in any number of ways, but when you use ioSafe’s SoloPRO hard drives, you are actively preparing for the unknown and working to ensure the safety and security of your patient’s confidential information.


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  • SMB Backup Plans | Network-Attached Storage as a Solution

    Posted on October 27, 2011 by admin

    In the quick-paced business world, data is the key to a company’s survival. That data most flow and be protected at all costs from almost every imaginable problem. If the data concerning a customer, a product or an operation is misplaced, destroyed or scrambled; then your company could be in peril. The key to protecting your data is twofold. You must back it up on a regular basis and it must be kept in multiple and safe locations.

    There are ways to achieve this protection using on-site physical protection, computer networking and internet-based protection and backup. While this project may sound daunting, it is very easy for a small business to set-up their own grid of protected storage. We’re going to show you a simple 3-step program that can be used as a frame and tweaked to fit your own small business. First, you need to be aware of two different types of storage. Network-attached storage (NAS) and cloud computing. These terms will be explained in steps one and three of the plan.

    Step 1: NAS and the solutions it offers. A NAS network should be the core of your new program. Network-attached storage is a file-level computer data storage unit connected to a computer network. This server is connected to all the computers in your company or office and shares the files from one source. They are often specialized computers built from the ground-up for this purpose. They usually contain more than one hard drive; using logical, redundant storage containers or RAID arrays. If your business works with large amounts of data, a NAS network makes access, configuration and administration far easier. It can create such simpler and cost-effective systems as load-balancing and fault-tolerant e-mail and web servers. It’s a good choice because it takes the work and stress off individual computers and servers.  We list some great NAS products and the companies that make them at the end of the article.

    Step 2: Combining NAS with a great product, the ioSafe SoloPRO external hard drives. IoSafe is famed for their construction of disaster-proof hard drives and their SoloPRO line is a great choice for small businesses to combine with their NAS networks.  There are 23 different products in the SoloPRO line and here are some that would be a great fit for your business. The 1TB SoloPRO USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive is an excellent choice because it comes with a three year data recovery service with up $2500 of forensic data recovery and replacement. It is Linux, Mac and PC compatible and its fireproof skin protects data from loss in temperatures of up to 1550 Fahrenheit for up to ½ hour. For your purpose, the most important feature is the USB 3.0 and/or the e-STATA/USB 2.0 connectivity which allows the SoloPRO to connect to any NAS network. This connectivity feature is shared by the 2TB model, the 300GB SoloPRO SSD, the 1TB SoloPRO Desktop Hard Drive and the 3TB USB 3.0 Waterproof/Fireproof Hard Drive. The ioSafe drives can combine onsite protection with your NAS network, providing new levels of security for your data.

    NAS + ioSafe SoloPRO is great for SMB

    Step 3: Cloud protection. This type of storage uses the internet as a utility where your company sends its data to an internet storage grid. It is called a “Private Cloud” when a company engages a third-party to host an infrastructure where the data is copied, stored and updated on a regular basis. Your company can have this service for a monthly or yearly fee. Updates and copying schedules depend on the individual plan and what internet company you use. There are definite advantages in the areas of scalability, security, performance and multi-tenancy. This article provides a great list for companies interested in securing cloud coverage, “Top Cloud Computing Companies to Watch and invest in 2011”. is always interested in connecting you with great products. These three companies make quality NAS devices that could fit your small business’s profile.

    Synology: This Company specializes in NAS equipment for a variety of clients. In their small business & workgroups section they have many products available. Such as the RackStation RS411, the RackStation RS409 and their DiskStation line has the following; DS411, DS410, DS211 and the DS111.

    LaCie: This French company has several lines of NAS products available. Such as the LaCie Network Space 2, the LaCie Network Space MAX, the LaCie 5big Backup Server, the LaCie 12big Rack Network and the LaCie CloudBox (which works perfectly with cloud coverage).

    Pegasus Promise: They have several NAS products available The SmartStor NSx700 series is ideal for high-performance environments. The Enterprise Storage line is ideal for corporate structures and the SMB Storage line provides medium and small businesses with cost-effective ways to keep their data online longer. Pegasus is also involved with cloud storage solutions.

    This basic plan covers all the bases. NAS allows your data to flow and perform better; the ioSafe products offer onsite protection and high-quality performance and investing in private cloud protection will allow you the peace of mind of knowing your data is decentralized and off-site. The final layout of your plan is up to you but will be here to help you put the pieces to together.

    Written by:

    Joseph Fowler

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  • Intel and ioSafe: The Ultimate Data Protection Partnership

    Posted on August 30, 2011 by admin

    Today, the majority of our most important data is stored digitally, so it is essential that you take appropriate precautions to safeguard this information. Nothing is better suited to this task than the ioSafe SoloPRO SSD. It is the ultimate solution for all your backup needs. This disaster proof external hard drive is fireproof, waterproof, and comes with a 3-year warranty. In short, it is one of the best safeguards you can have to protect yourself from data loss.

    At the heart of the SSD external hard drive is an Intel 320 Series solid-state-drive.

    The Intel SSD version of this resilient hard drive is particularly impressive. An SSD, (Solid State Drive), is generally more expensive than a traditional mechanical hard drive because it is a relatively new technology. It also won’t always offer you the largest storage capacities you can buy today, but it does offer a number of important advantages that are quickly making it the format of choice in external hard drives.

    For instance, an SSD is much faster at accessing data than its HDD equivalent due to its speedy NAND Flash memory technology. They are also more rugged and reliable because there are no moving parts to damage or fail under stress. This means the life span of an SSD is likely to be significantly longer than an HDD. An SSD is also quieter than a regular hard drive, it doesn’t get as hot, and it draws less power too.

    The Intel 320 Series SSD that is used in the SoloPro is the perfect partner for ioSafe’s legendary durability. It comes in either 300GB or 600GB versions, and has a sequential read performance of up to 270MB per second. It has built-in data protection features and ensures that backing up to an external hard drive is quick, easy and painless. The 320 series is also a third generation product, so it has all the benefits of a well-engineered technology and the backing of an industry leading brand.

    To help you feel even more secure with your purchase, ioSafe include a 1-year Data Recovery Service with all its SoloPRO drives. So, even if your data does fall foul of an unforeseen disaster, ioSafe’s forensic data specialists will work to recover any and all data that it can and ship it back to you on a factory fresh unit.

    Together, Intel and ioSafe offer you an unparalleled level of security. Intel provides the technology while ioSafe provides the protection. This makes the SoloPRO SSD an ideal companion for anyone who is concerned about data security.

    Click here to learn more about brand names of hard drive manufacturers

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