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  • GSA Containers | Where to buy them

    Posted on June 26, 2012 by admin

    A Couple of Helpful Tidbits about GSA Approved Containers

    GSA approved containers are some of the most secure and helpful items being offered by the security industry. A GSA approved stamp on a security product means that the U.S. federal government is willing to trust this product with their secrets and security concerns and that fact is reassuring to many employers and private individuals. If a GSA approved container can protect state secrets on a battlefield or in an office, then they can certainly protect your client files, insurance claims, product designs and anything else you consider worth shielding.

    What is the GSA?

    The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent government agency established in 1949 to manage and support the basic functioning of other government agencies. They provide products, supplies, office space, parking, transportation and other services to government employees.  Basically, the GSA decides what government employees use in their day to day work; everything from the chairs in the office to the high-security vaults.

    The GSA tests and approves all potential products before they are put on the GSA Schedules. The schedules are grouping of pre-approved vendors and contracts that other government agencies can use to purchase their products, safe in the knowledge that the GSA has already tested them out and gotten a good contract agreement for the government. These schedules include security products like safes, secure containers, locks and vault doors.

    Where Can I Purchase a GSA Approved Container?

    You’re in luck because GSA approved products are highly sought after and that means they are highly available. Here are links to websites of some of the manufacturers and companies that sell GSA approved security containers.

    K.L. Security Enterprises

    Hamilton Products Group

    Trusted Systems

    As you can see, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to purchasing GSA approved containers, we encourage you and your company to look around and see which set-up fits the best.

    What GSA Security Containers are approved for SCIFs?

    First off, what is a SCIF? A Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) is a secure location where individuals and groups can meet to discuss sensitive topics in complete privacy. They are considered among the best places to have an unmonitored conversation. The specifications vary but SCIFs are generally immune to computer hacking, listening devices, cell phone monitoring and other forms of surveillance. SCIFs are often without windows and feature bombproof walls and ceilings. They often also feature electronic jamming technologies and biometric security measures along with reinforced steel doors and their own air supply. A full accounting of SCIF construction profiles and terms can be found here.

    GSA class 5 and 6 safes, containers, field safes and IPS containers are often used in conjunction with SCIFs for maximum security and safety. There are also locks made with SCIFs in mind; like the CDX-09 from Kabas Mas.

    What is the Price of a Class 6 GSA Container?

    If you’re scouting around for a good security container, then chances are that you’ll settle on a model that is GSA approved/class 6 and you’ll need a decent price for it. Security is important and therefore not cheap but getting the best product doesn’t have to break the bank. Here at; we have class 6 security containers and they’re priced to move. The class 6, five drawer GSA approved file cabinet with X-09 lock has been marked down from $3,499.99 to $2,899.99 and we’re also stocking the  4 drawer Class 6 filing cabinet. The two drawer class 6 file cabinet model has been marked down from $2,499.99 to $2,200 and don’t forget to look at our class six army field safe, the GSA Rated tough and ready mobile container. All of these products are in stock and same day shipping is offered.

    GSA approval is important in the security world; both to sellers and buyers and we consider part of our responsibility to our customers to spread information about different facets of the GSA process to them. We want our customers to be well-informed and ready to make the best purchases.

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