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  • The True Costs of a Data Recovery Service

    Posted on December 8, 2011 by admin

    Today, we live in a world that is increasingly reliant upon digital storage solutions. It is convenient, cost-effective, and an efficient way to store our data.

    However, it’s not infallible. When good drives go bad, we pray that they might somehow fix themselves, but more often than not, when the files we lose are of great importance to us, we turn to professionals to try and recover the data for us.

    A data recovery service is a very specialized, hi-tech service that uses the latest forensic data recovery techniques to attempt to restore files on hard drives that have been compromised due to mechanical wear, environmental damage, or human error.  They use dust free clean rooms to avoid contaminating your data, highly specialized recovery tools, and a staff of exceedingly well-trained experts.

    Sounds expensive, right? Well, it is.  The amount that you pay will vary on a case to case basis because there are many factors to take into account when estimating the true cost of a data recovery service. For instance, the capacity of your hard drive, and the amount of data you want restored. Additional considerations include how much physical damage your hard drive has sustained, whether or not the file system is still intact, or simply the complexity of the work involved.

    At Drive Savers, an average single drive recovery will cost around $1500, but it can cost as much as $3000. Disk Doctors charge $1000 for a 500 GB hard drive without physical damage, but their prices rise further with higher capacity drives, or those with mechanical failures. However, the fees do not always end there. Disc evaluations can be as much as $200, shipping to and from the recovery facility is not cheap, and the cost of replacement media, or an expedited service, will almost always cost you more.

    With an ioSafe hard drive you can forget about the crippling costs associated with a data recovery service, because ioSafe includes this free of charge with every hard drive it sells. This “no questions asked” service covers you for up to $5000 of forensic data recovery, for any loss, for any reason.

    They have a free global shipping system that will whisk your drive off to a secure location so that it can be worked on to revive your lost files. When the work is complete, ioSafe will replace your hard drive, free of charge, and ship it back to you with all the data that it was able to recover.

    "The ioSafe “no questions asked” service covers you for up to $5000 of forensic data recovery, for any loss, for any reason."

    ioSafe’s line of disaster proof hard drives truly provide you with a guaranteed defense against all eventualities. These storage solutions are tough, and built to last, and it is good to know that even if the unforeseen does happen, and you end up losing data through human error or some other means, the ioSafe Data Recovery Service is there to help.

    Call or email us today for a quote on ioSafe hard drives for your business. They are the protection you simply cannot do without.

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