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  • Pro Tools Software and ioSafe External Hard Drives

    Posted on March 22, 2012 by admin

    Putting the Right Tools Together:

    Pro Tools and External Hard Drives

    Doing a job right requires the right tools. That has always been true and hasn’t changed in the age of computers. In fact, computers have opened up a whole new arsenal of tools for different professions; including many in the music industry. One of their most widely used pieces of equipment is the Pro Tools audio software. Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation platform that can be operated on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It is used in the music and professional recording industry for recording and editing, music production, film scoring and film/TV post-production.

    Pro Tools pre-computer ancestor is the multi-track tape recorder and mixer. It performs the same functions with added abilities that can only be done digitally. Pro Tools features time code, temp maps, automation and surround sound capabilities. It supports samples of 32-bit float audio up to rates of 192 KHz and works with many different types of audio files; WAV, AIFF, SDII and mp3s. Such artists as Ricky Martin, GZA, the Beach Boys and Garbage have used Pro Tools to produce their albums and the software has been used for creating the audio in such popular video games like Guitar Hero.

    One of the best ways to use Pro Tools software is to combine it with an external hard drive. External drives are the best storage to choose when you want to avoid a slowdown in operation or errors; the trick is to not try to do everything on one drive. Using Pro Tools is a process; you’ll be laying down tracks, tweaking them and doing several different processes at the same time. If you use the software on one hard drive and you’re trying to operate the software and it’s plugins off your system drive while reading and writing audio to the same drive; this causes many computer systems to move slower. The best solution is to use an external hard drive as your scratch disk that has either USB 2.0, firewire or faster connectivity. You would then use your external hard drive as your audio drive. You’ll still install the Pro Tools software on your internal drive but when you start a new session and create new tracks; you’ll save them to your external drive. One for recording and one for backup; it’s the best solution. At we have a great disk drive that will allow you to obtain this working balance.

    ioSafe SOLO G3

    The Silent Fireproof / Waterproof Hard Drive

    ioSafe has a proud history of producing tough and reliable external hard drives; the Solo G3 is the latest entry in that tradition. There many reasons to purchase the G3 but the first one we would like to showcase is the reason why it’s such a great companion to the Pro Tools software. That reason is the new fanless FloSafe Vent Design; it provides nearly silent operation. The latest FloSafe airflow cooling technology is perfect for an audio recording studio (be it professional or in your garage) where background noise can affect the audio files you’re creating and the music you are writing. That's right, all the fireproof and waterproof features you have come to rely upon, now with near silent operation.

    The Pro Tools software requires at least USB 2.0 and the G3 provides the blazing fast USB 3.0 with a data transfer speed of up to 5Gbit/s. This feature makes formatting and using Pro Tools a smooth ride. We typically use Genie Timeline Pro software for continuous data backup and if encryption of those precious tracks is a must we recommend TrueCrypt encryption. When you backup your audio tracks and songs to the G3, you can rest assured that ioSafe has you covered with serious data protection. Every G3 comes with DRS ( Data Recovery Service ) to provide the ultimate safety net; if your hard drives fails for any reason, or goes through a fire, flood or coffee spill; ioSafe will get your data back by spending up to $2,500 on forensic data recovery. The fast connectivity combined with up to 3TB of storage capacity and DRS (data recovery service) makes the Solo G3 an obvious choice for every recording studio.

    The SOLO G3 offers you the best in protection and allows you to use software like Pro Tools with maximum efficiency. That’s one of our primary goals here at; not just providing you with the best external hard drives available, but also to let you know about the best ways to use the hardware that keeps your professional recording studio running smooth.

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