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HDD Fire Safes

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ioSafe S2 - USB Fire Safe Hard Drive with RAID 1, Redundant Data Backup Storage Hardware

iosafe S1 fireproof hard disk drive


USB Fire Safe Hard Drive with RAID 1, Redundant Data Backup Storage Hardware

The ioSafe S2 dual hard disk drive storage device with mirrored hard drives combines the ease and convenience of a USB 2.0 external hard drive with fire, flood, impact / building collapse, and theft protection. Available with up to 2 Terabytes of storage, the patented FloSafe™ air cooled black box provides industry standard reliability for critical data backup and storage protection applications - a reliable backup device inside an aircraft black box! The S2 is a plug and play fire resistant USB device that comes with a three-year product warranty, a three-year disaster protection plan and data recovery service, 12/7/365 technical support. Additional features include an audible alarm to notify you of a disk failure and lockable hard drives for greater theft and burglary resistance security.


This product has been discontinued.

USB Device for Data Backup Storage Hardware

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waterproof hard drive
USB Firesafe
  • USB 2.0 Dual External Hard Drives, RAID 1
  • Up to 2 TBs (2 x 1TB)
Hard disk drive failure and recovery
  • 3 yr. warranty & $5,000 per disk data recovery service included with purchase ($10,000)
RAID 0,1,5
  • 2 Disk RAID 1 (mirror)
  • 1TB, 1.5TB or 2 TB
  • Seagate Barracuda ES, Enterprise Class SATA Disks
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Audible Alarm for Disk Drive failure
  • Audible Alarm notifies you of a disk failure
burglary data fire safe
  • Lockable disk drives for added physical security and increased theft resistance
Green Data Storage, less power consumption
  • Lower power consumption and less waste than tape backup
Works on ANY Windows PC ( XP, Vista, SBS 2003) Linux or Mac (OS X) or Storage Server

 Internal View of the ioSafe S2 with two (2)

USB disk drives in a RAID 0/1 configuration

      Fire Data Disaster Video Case Study White Paper    
  ioSafe data disaster recovery
Both hard drives shown at the right were subjected to the same 1700° fire... The hard drive on the left was inside an ioSafe patented air cooled external hard drive providing unprecedented reliability and protection during a data disaster.

Operating Environmental :
Physical Specs :
Operating: 0-40° C (104°F)     Size: 16" W x 6.75" H x 23" L
Non-operating: 0-1700°F, 1 Hour     Rack Mount or Floor Bolt-down Kit optional
Operating Humidity: 20% - 80%     Weight: 100 lbs.
non condensing     Cable lockable for high security from theft
Non-operating Humidity: 100%,     Power Supply: 110 V AC Input, DC.
full immersion, 30 feet    
Output I/O: USB 2.0 (1.1 Compatible)
The S2 can be used in conjunction with just about any UPS backup (uninterrupted power supply). There is no other connection besides the AC power.  Suggested UPS devices are any APC brand UPS with a capacity of 350VA or better.
Examples include:      
Back-UPS BR 800     Back-UPS LS 700
Back-UPS CS 650     Back-UPS NS 1050
Back-UPS ES 350     Back-UPS NS 1250
Back-UPS ES 500     Back-UPS Pro 500 FW
Back-UPS ES 550VA     Back-UPS RS 800
Back-UPS ES 650     Back-UPS RS 500 (BR 500I)
Back-UPS ES 725     Back-UPS RS 1000
Back-UPS ES 750     Back UPS RS 1500
Back-UPS XS 800     Back-UPS XS 900
Back-UPS XS 1500     Smart-UPS 750VA
Smart-UPS RM 1000VA     Smart-UPS 1000XL
Smart-UPS RM 2200

This ioSafe S2 dual disk USB drive backup device is ideal for personal, SOHO (small office home office) or remote and branch office data backup storage. The ioSafe S2 is engineered to withstand a 30 ft. drop and impact without compromising the hard drives inside. As a complete backup solution the ioSafe can be used to assist or replace off site tape vaulting and online backup and is considered by many to be a simple "regulatory compliance in a box" solution for meeting stringent HIPAA, SOX and other compliance objectives for data security and storage security. Primarily used to assist your primary hard drive or storage server, the ioSafe provides redundant protection and storage in case of primary hard drive failure.

Traditional backup plans and strategies using tape drive backup (LTO, DLT), offsite storage, fireproof media safes, online backup and backup CDs/DVDs are decidedly insufficient when compared to the data disaster recovery storage strategy enabled by the ioSafe S2 solution. The ioSafe S2 is the only USB RAID fire safe in the world!